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  • First you have to sign up to use eFormular. You can choose your username and password in registration form. Remember them or print the confirmation of your registration.
  • After successful registration you can go to your own personal 'my eformulars' page using your username and password.
  • On the page 'My eFormulars' you can start composing your first formular. First you have to name your eFormular. We recommend using short and memorable names, avoid using spaces and umlaut letters.
  • If you have composed some eFormulars, you can see on the page 'my eformulars' references to pages, where you can operate your eFormular and data files
  • On the next page, after you have named your new eFormular, you can change general features of your eFormular, like heading, header, footer, etc. There you can also set, whether and who receives the data of responses.
  • Next you have to enter the text and type (text, dropdown, checkbox, etc.) of your questions. In case you want to set choices for some questions, you have to enter the options.
  • On the design page you can decorate your eFormular - set background color or picture, font, the size and color of your font, the alignment of your elements. You can also add a logo to your eFormular.
  • While you are composing your eFormular you can view a preview, so you could make corrections if necessary.
  • As you will soon experience - composing electronic formular is fast and easy. All you have left to do, is send your formular to your respondents and wait for responses.

questions and commets:, Phone +372 730 1040 (workdays 9-17)

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