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  • Every registered user can compose unlimited number of different formulars, that can contain unlimited number of questions.
  • Questions can have predefined multiple choice or free text answers.
  • You can add captcha to your formulars.
  • Ask respondents to digisign their answers.
  • Users can edit, copy and delete their formulars, as well as send to another registered users.
  • You may send requests to answer your questionnaire to multiple e-mail addresses directly from the eFormular environment or provide the address in direct mailings or magazine adsvertisments.
  • Your ready-to-use eFormulars can be linked from your own homepage or included in your frameset.
  • The data gathered with the help of eFormular is stored in database and can be used for further processing in your own spreadsheet program. The data can also be mailed directly to your inbox.

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