CDI-W Tallinn, 2022

Dear riders!

Welcome to tallinn International Horse Show!
Please take a few minutes to answer these questions...
The info will be used for introducing the riders before the Freestyle tests.

If you participate on several horses, please fill out a separate form for each horse.

*Name of rider
*Name of horse
*Horse’s nickname at home? How long is your partnership? What do you value most in your horse?

*Where are you based and who do you train with (name of coach or coaches)?
*Tell us something interesting / fun about yourself and/or your horse?
What is the music you are using for your freestyle?
*Your phone number
just in case we need to contact you
*Your email
just in case we need to contact you
We would appreciate the questionnaire to be filled out in good time before your arrival to Tallinn!


For any questions, please contact

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