What you know about Scotland
*The capital of Scotland isGlasgow Edinburgh 
*The population is abouta million half a million 
*The country is goverened byParliament the queen of Great Britain 
*Edinburgh is for people wholike walking like industrial environment 
*The Edinburgh castle is about700 years old a thousand years old 
*The main road in Edinburg is calledthe Queen`s Mile the Royal Mile 
*The Palace of Hollyroodhouse is a second home for the British king or queen a museum 
*You can visit the palacefrom Mo to Sat when the royal family is not there 
*The Highland Games aresporting competitions sporting and music competitions 
*Highland Scotland is mountainous mostly flat 
*The Highland Games are heldin August between May and September 
*A caber weighsabout 50 kilos about 60 kilos 
*The competitors wearsport suits kilts 
*To make a kilt you need 6 metres of tartan 8 meteres of tartan 
*Sporran isa sword a leather pocket 
*The biggest fish in lochs istuna salmon 
*The Scottish language is calledScottish English Gaelic 
*The most famous Scottish poet is Arthur Conan Doyle Robert Burns 
*Scots are grouped inclans tribes 
*Mac meansfather of son of 
*The Scottish flag isblue and red blue and white 
*There are about ... lislands in Scotland990 790 

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