In order to use the service eFormular, you have to agree with following terms (from now on "Terms").

Terms of subject matter and the validity

These Terms apply between the user(from now on "User") of the Internet service eFormular(from now on "Service"), which is used on addresses www.eformular.com and www.5dvision.ee/eformular and 5D VISION OÜ (from now on "eFormular"), the owner of Internet sites www.eformular.com and www.5dvision.ee/eFormular (from now on "Site") .

Pricelist is an integral part of these Terms.

Using the Service and responsibility

eFormular enables Users to create personal Sites, where Users can compose and spread electronic formulars and collect data through them.

The Service is opened and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 5D Vision OÜ backups server software and user's data, maintaining a backup copy outside the main server. In case the performance of eFormular is disrupted due to third parties, eFormular does not take responsibility for possible damages and losses. 5D Vision does not take responsibility for damages (including losses of renevue, business interruptions, loss of business information and any financial losses), resulting from using eFormular or lack of available opportunities. The responsibility for loss of service caused by 5D Vision lies in amount, which covers the sum, that User has payed for gainful Service, but could not use it.

The User agrees that no software works without disruptions and it is recommended that User regulary backups his/her data.

Users use the Site entirely at their own risk and take responsibility for all actions, which are made using his/her username and password.eFormular does not take responsibility for the legality, validity and veracity of composed eFormulars and for carrying out other Users obligations resulting from using the Service.


Support is available by e-mail at least 8.00-18.00 on business days.

Registration and use of personal information

In order to use the Service, User commits to sign up and submit entirely correct information about him/her.

The information, that User has entered in order to sign up and which Site has asked during using the Site and data, which will be collected via using the Service, will be used in order to develop the Site and personalize Users. eFormular does not alienate that kind of information to third parties and does not make it available to them otherwise.

User commits not to disclose his/her password to third parties, also not to use password in ways, which can make it available to third parties.

Tracking activity

eFormular is justified to observe actions made on the Site, but not only observe eFormulars composed by Users.eFormular can carry out research about all violations of Terms, using all legal means.

Changing Terms

eFormular is justified to change and complement Terms of Service and Pricelist due to development and superior and safer usage of Site and Service. Users will be notified one month in advance via Site about changes and complements made for Terms and Pricelist. User commits agreeing with changes and complements in Pricelist and/or Terms of Service after changes/complements have taken effect. User has a right to discontinue using the Service by deleting his/her account.