*`Keep it under your hat` means a) think about it; b) hide it; c) don`t tell anyone
*The protection of natural habitats and wildlife is called a) conservation; b) naturalization; c) protectionism
*Sumatra is an island in a) the Philippines; b) Indonesia; c) Hawaii
*Someone who studies the nature of societies is a) a socialist; b) a social worker; c) a sociologist
*Which person wears a mask and gloves while working? a) a surgeon; b) a politician; c) an astronomer
*Someone who `always looks on the bright side` is a) a pessimist ; b) an optometrist ; c) an optimist
*Something which is difficult to believe is a) incredulous; b) incredible; c) inconvincible
*What do detectives often find at the scene of a crime? a) fingerprints; b) fingerbuns; c) fingernails
*Where is gravity the strongest? on the earth; b) on the moon ; c) in space
*A person who is `feather-brained` or `bird-brained` is a) light-hearted; b) broad-minded ; c) empty-headed

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