Dear respondent!

I’m conducting a survey about proverbs connected with various traits of human character in different cultures. The idea of the research is to clarify and analyze relevant human qualities among English and Russian native speakers. I would really appreciate if you could take your time filling out the questionnaire below.
Please write down 2-3 proverbs in English that in your opinion reflect the indicated traits of human character. It’s important that you write proverbs “off the top of your head”, without thinking too hard or using any literature. It’s OK if for some of the qualities you won’t be able to come up with an appropriate example. Thank you!
Honesty / Dishonesty
Diligence / Laziness
Courage / Cowardice
Intelligence / Foolishness
Economy / Wastefulness
Altruism / Pragmatism
Collectivism / Individualism
Greediness / Generosity
Belief in own strength / Submission to destiny
Kindness / Anger

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