Project "British towns"

1. What is your lable?  
2. What do you think of the project?new interesting normal boring bad 
3. Most of the tasks weredifficult challenging average easy 
4. While doing the tasks, what did you find most difficult?find material work in the blog English grammar find time 
5. Which task was the most difficult?task 1 task 2 task 3 task 4 
6. Which task was the most interesting?task 2 task 3 task 4 neither 
7. Why did you enter this project?my teacher told me wanted to try sth new wanted to get a good mark was afraid to refuse 
8. Did you have enouph time to do the tasks?yes no 
9. Would you like to participate in online projects in future?certainly unlikely maybe never 
10. Are you satisfied with the assessment?On the whole, yes not always certainly no 
11. What would you like to change/add? 
12. Add some more comments about the project (2-3 sentences) 
Thank you!

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